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Handball 17, again relisted
 Next week will be released Handball, the best simulator for consoles, the Handball 17 . The game has the licenses of the best European leagues. + info
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Warcraft: The Beginning
 Media Game Microsof again choose to translate their in-game advertising and publicizing the new film from Universal Pictures Warcraft: The Beginning. This advertising will appear on PlayStation 4 , Xbox one , Steam   The film takes us to a fantasy world inhabited by different species as humans, orcs or dwarves, full of magic, spells, and action adventur... + info
Handball 16, the new in game
Next week will be released Handball best simulator for consoles, the Handball 16 . The game has the licenses of the major European leagues. Advertising Media Game has collaborated with producer Big Ben to the Asobal league is also present in the game + info
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New game
 As usual, Media Game returns to incorporate a new game for PS4 and PC platform worldwide , from July 7, 2015. More than 10 billion custom combinations. Rocket League dramatically combines motor racing with football , proposing rivals face intense duels in which virtually everything is allowed. Ideal game for the In Game advertising with a strong presence and media impact   + info
News flash: Also in Iboxone and PlayStation 4
  After long efforts,  once again Media Game has been out with " his." Now we can also include in our wide range of advertising In game , games for Ibox onr and PlayStation 4 . One of these latest acquisitions will play THE GOLF CLUB Test your skill in this golf simulator that seeks to attract both passionate about the sport and... + info
Warner again chooses to advertise its new In-Game big production
 Again Warner opted for In-game advertising as advertising through its new campaign for the film "Al filo de la Mañana".  The epic action of "Al filo de la Mañana" takes place in the not too distant future where an alien race that no world army is capable of winning, attacking planet Earth in a relentless assault.  Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt star in the sci-fi thriller, "Al filo de la Mañana" a fi... + info
Meet & Greet
 Advertising Media Game, at the request of the Arab MBC TV has organized a Meet Greet to meet the players Cristiano Ronaldo and David Villa.   The action was carried out by a competition among all viewers of the chain and the 12 winners will be invited to a personal interview with the players and to watch a match played by them. + info
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