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In Game Advertising is the insertion of advertisments into videogames.  Through this new and innovative system, an unprecedented connection between advertisers and players has been created, bringing realism to the videogame through contextualized and coherent advertising. It is proving hugely profitable for all parties involved, including the players themselves : 90% of players welcome this kind of advertising which adds a more realistic touch to the videogames.

The following statistic gives good idea of how successful In Game Advertising will be over the next few years : Nielsen estimates that this market will reach 54,600 million dollars by 2010.

There are different types of In Game Advertising such as:
1.- Product placement. Products with which the player can interact; a pair of shoes or an energy drink, for example.

2.-Billboards, flyers, posters, 3D objects. In general, a logo of the brand is placed in the videogame (this can be static or dynamic, so they can develop media campaigns targeted at certain areas and with different durations).


3.- Loading screens or menus. Logos can be placed in the loading screens of a videogame, or in screen menus where the gamer is selecting options or personalizing their player.

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