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To supplement our In Game Advertisingwe also bank on Advergaming in collaboration with Factoria d’Imatges, a cutting-edge Spanish company which specializes in this type of advertising.

Se le llama Advergaming is the term used to describe videogames created explicitly to display and promote a brand.  It is becoming more and more common to find these kinds of videogames on advertisers´ websites, one example being advergamings developed exclusively for mobile phones. Exemple

Investment in this mode of advertising is growing in our country at an annual average of 40%. This figure contrasts with the stagnation, or even recession of classic media

Advergamingis voluntary advertising.  This is a decisive factor in order to understand the “good vibes” established between gamer and advertiser for an average of 15 minutes (approxiamate time a game lasts).

Advergamingis much more cost effective than conventional advertising.  The averge cost is usually about €15,000 (approximate cost of 4 microgames).  There are also cheaper options starting from €3,000.

La Factoria